Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snappy Snack Suggestions:

Savory Snacks

Mix and match combos

**Start with….

• whole wheat pretzels (10 small or 1 large)
• 5-10 low fat/baked tortilla chips or whole grain crackers
• rice cakes (5 mini or 1 regular)
• 1 small corn or 1/2 whole wheat flour tortilla
• cut up veggies (baby carrots, cucumber, peppers, radishes)
• small baked potato/yam or ½ medium
• ½ toasted whole wheat english muffin or pita

**Dip or top any of the above with 1-2 Tablespoons of:

• salsa or low fat tomato sauce
• low fat bean dip or fat free refried beans
• low fat/fat free cottage cheese or sour cream (add onion or garlic powder)
• low fat/fat free salad dressing or mustard (honey, spicy types)
• low fat/fat free shredded cheese or cream cheese
• soy sauce or rice vinegar
• natural peanut butter (keep to ½ tablespoon)

Other tasty items 

• air popped or low fat microwave popcorn with added spices (cumin,
curry), low fat parmesan cheese sprinkles or butter substitute
• 2 hard boiled egg whites with salt and pepper (
(or mix with chopped tomato and ½ Tablespoon low fat mayo)
• canned tuna (water packed) with chopped celery and tomato
• 2 turkey slices rolled in lettuce leaves + 1 teaspoons mustard/low fat mayo
• 1 low fat string cheese stick
• vegetarian baked beans (1/2 cup)
• 10 almonds

Sweet Snacks

• ¼ cup diced fruit with ½ cup nonfat/low fat yogurt or cottage cheese
• 2 tablespoons dried fruit or raisins
• 1 graham cracker or rice cake with 1 teaspoon fruit spread/light cream cheese
• 1/2 cup cold cereal (dry, with ¼ cup skim milk
or mix in ¼ cup nonfat/low fat yogurt or cottage cheese)
• fat free pudding/jello cups or fruit/applesauce cups (top w/cool whip lite)
• one instant oatmeal packet (flavored or plain)
• frozen fruit bars or sugar free popsicles/fudgesicles
• low fat whole grain toaster waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar
• 1 packet fat free instant hot chocolate
• 1 frozen banana or 17 frozen grapes
• ½ cup low fat/fat free frozen yogurt topped with berries
• ½ apple or banana with ½ Tablespoon peanut butter


These are basic examples of snack ideas. Please consult your personal physician and medical team (such as a registered dietitian) for specific advice on diet and health pertaining to you.

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